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Default MIDI Clock Out 1-2 bpm floating imperfect

I'm using Line6Helix like a Soundcard and like my guitar DSP at the same time. It's ok for Helix.
Midi Clock goes from DAW through USB to Helix and each time I have tap tempo on DSP +2 bpm relatively to Reaper Project Tempo.
There is no much drama - i can live with it, BUT:
this offset floats +/- 1 bpm. Doesn't matter - USB or MIDI cables sync I used to. Tempo changes non-linear in time, chaotically, and each time changes occur: I have the HORRIBLE glitch with slight pitch changes of my guitar delays repeats the sound. Like a frog in a wah, or deep modulated chorus. That's the nature of delay - you can achieve this glitches with many VST - just touch the time knob, when you have big tail or repeats. It can easily ruin reamp take or make my live sound stupid.

Is there any way to improve MIDI Clock sync quality?
I'm using 1.5m long good quality USB cable with 2 big ferrite rings - It doesn't matter - the same imperfect I has when I used another Soundcard with midi outs and another gear with midi in sync. Another gear, another PC, another way... BPM Float absolutely the same.
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Default Any solution ?

Hi I'm experiencing the same issue - just started getting into clock syncing multiple devices but can't get even one to have a stable BPM - fluctuates 1-2 BPM and causes stuttering on the slave device.
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Have a look in the js forum. I could swear there was a js to improve midi sync...

The link to the js is at the top.

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