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Default Reaper blanks out certain VST's if I close a project?

I have two VST's that I use often, which are Ambience and EZDRUMMER. I load these up and use them fine, but if I close the project for the night and reopen the next day, these VST's will be shown on the active list for a track, but when I click on them to edit, it won't open them, and the track won't have this effect or will be muted entirely. I would have to re-add the VST/FX, and all of my settings/sliders would be lost.

Any idea on what to do here? All I can do at this point is keep my PC on and project open, but heaven forbid I'm in the middle of mixing and I close a project and lose everything.
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Sounds like you have "save minimal undo state" enabled. Right click the plugins in the fx browser and see if that's the case. In this same context menu, you can also try setting the plugins to run as separate or dedicated process, which can help with various compatibility problems.

This minimal undo state option is also set globally in preferences/plugins/compatibility. I can't really see what it's good for but it causes plugin settings to not be saved with the project and thus should probably never be touched...

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I don't think that's the issue that I've got at the moment. Here's some screenshots:

(see additional descriptions on imgur below the photos)

This is almost like a gradual thing that has been happening over the past few days. Each time I close and then open Reaper, something gets a little worse. Now it's spread from the EZDrummer plugin and is happening in a second one too.

I'm not sure if I should find an older version of Reaper, but it just doesn't make much sense that the issue wasn't there, nothing much has changed otherwise, and then it just begins. I don't even use this PC for anything else. It's like it has a mind of its own when I'm not in the room.
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