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Default Imagine (4 Young Lads)

Imagine (4 Young Lads)

I wrote this song with 60s Rock in mind. The Beatles helped lead the way, so it has a strong wording that it is about The Beatles. But it is more about what was happening in the 60s.


There must have been a billion girls
Tears in their eye's crying out Pauls name
Dad said the worlds gone crazy
The news man said the kids have all gone insane
Yeah - thats when the whole thing blossomed
Sure did change those whorn out borring days
Bulbs popping - camras rolling
Life was young
Rock N Roll had set a blaze


Imagine four young lads
Setting the world on fire
Imagine a craze so mad
Out of control with desire

There must have been a billion guys
Stars in their eye's playing out Johns songs
Mom said their hair's so shabby
The barber said that hair's just way to long
Yeah - that's when the party started
Felt like it was never gonna end
Drums pounding guitar screaming
Grass was green
Peace and love had set a trend

Repeat chorus

Oh good times they never have to end
You can visit any time you want - just bring your ears and your mind to attend
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