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Default One of my VSTi is not showing off

Hi everyone!

I have an issue with this VSTi plug in:

It doesn't appear in the VST/VSTis list of Reaper.

It's the only one. The others plugs work fine!
I know that this VSTi can run in Reaper (I have used it in the v4.10).

At the first scan of VSTis, I had msvcr100.dll and msvcr71.dll issues.
So I installed "Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86)" and now, I don't have issues anymore, but the YM2612 plug still doesn't appear in the list (even when I use the "folder option" to search my VSTs).

When Reaper scans the plug, I can see that YM2612 is checked.

I love this Megadrive VSTi, what can we do when plugs don't show off?
Thank you by advance!
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Go into the preferences and click "clear cache and rescan" and enable gathering the VST(i) names. This should hopefully put it back into the list and take it off of the blacklist of failed VST(i)'s. Also make sure the VSTi itself got installed into the VSTplugins folder and not some other place. if it got stored some other place, add that path to the preferences by browsing to it. There should be some sort of "add" button for that in the paths section.

If that doesn't work. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the VST(i) which should be different now since you fixed the DLL errors.
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I use Reaper 504 and Audiocation (equalizer & compressor) and linplug Saxlab are not showing up on my list
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Everything works fine now!

First, I did a "clear cache and rescan" and the msvcr100.dll and msvcr71.dll issues popped up again.
So I have installed Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86), available here:

And then, I reopened Reaper, did a "clear cache and rescan" again.
And now, everything is ok!

So thank you very much Nystagmus for your reply! ☺
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