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Default Major problem on 6.01 mac version


I'm writing to report a major problem I've had with Reaper on mac since something like 5.970 or so (I do not remember when it did occur) which obliged me to remain on my 5.963 version : the sending of some tracks to others simply does not work. I am used to work on PC most of the times, the problem does not exist, and when I transfer projects on my macbook, some sends simply don't work. The Vu-meter sees the track playing, the send is ok in the routing, but the destination track just does not receive any sound. Even when I delete the send in the routing and that I create it again, it does not work.

It is not a problem due to the project configuration since it works with the same project on PC AND ALSO on Reaper 5.963 on mac. But after a certain version (I do not remember the exact number), the problem appeared. It is still there on 6.01.

I thank you in advance for fixing it. Needless to say that it is a major issue which is a great obstacle for work.

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