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Default Very basic MIDI filter action: "Deselect all events outside time selection"

One of the MIDI filter actions that I use most often, namely Deselect all events outside time selection (aka Limit selection of MIDI events to time selection), is not available in REAPER.

When a user selects pitches by left-clicking or -dragging on the piano keys in the piano roll, the user often does not intend to edit ALL notes of the selected pitches over the entire item. Similarly, when the a user selects events at certain positions in measures using the Filter Events dialog box, it is obviously useful to be able to limit selection to time selection.

I therefore suggest that this function be included as a built-in action (that can be linked to a menu button), as well as a clickable option in the Filter Events dialog box.

A demo script is given in the thread Simple but useful MIDI editor tools: warp, stretch, deselect etc

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Yes, please!
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Would love a possibility to remove all notes outside time selection additional

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