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Originally Posted by KennyG5000 View Post
Thanks both Puck and Helgoboss for the pointers with nks and presets, I am very keen to explore this further (saw the other thread you mentioned Puck, a lot of helpful stuff there too!). I am old enough to remember getting Kore 1 way back and there was so much potential there with the ksd format; never really clicked with Komplete Kontrol as the software felt like a step backwards from Kore 2, but if you can access the presets natively (and have the controllers correctly mapped in Open Stage Control) then that is huge! Actually really excited to see if I can get this working (basically would be a long wanted replacement for Kore!). Great stuff! Quick question, does Reaper working alongside Realearn let you save new presets in the nks format without needing Komplete Kontrol, or is this not currently possible?
Agreed, I liked the idea of Kore back in the day and was somewhat disappointed by Komplete Kontrol. Still, Kore had the same issue as Komplete Kontrol - it was just a wrapper plug-in.

It's not currently possible to let ReaLearn save presets in NKS format. However, I think it would be possible to implement, at least with 3rd-party plug-ins (non-NI).
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