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Originally Posted by Cosmic View Post
Dum Drums in AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Also..it is by far the best looking plugin Ive ever seen and the way it wobbles when you hit a drum. INCREDIBLE!

Thanks you so much man. These are beautiful instruments you are making

In fact I'm gonna do a whole EP with just your instruments ..and reasamplomatic

Originally Posted by danerius View Post
This sounds so amazing saike. Big, big, big, big thanks

Dont know if its just me not getting it but the only midi to audio that is making sounds is the kick. Ive tried reassigning and assigning the sounds to midi keys but nothing works?

Best regards /Bo
Is it possible you enabled multi-out by accident? Multi-out gives each sound their own channel (sending the kick to channel 1-2, snare to 3-4 ... etc).

Click the button "MUL" to enable/disable this mode.

Originally Posted by juan_r View Post
I wonder: what are the 4 small squares (macropixels?) under the pads?
Maybe a tooltip could be appropriate?
They are options for that particular drum sound. Just different synthesis algorithms for that particular drum sound. I'll add a little info for it.
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