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Default MIDI Timing Clock question

Hi, I'm a newbie to JSFX / MIDI. I have an Alesis Nitro drum module that outputs a timing clock. I can see the stream of messages (f8 00 00) in JS MIDI logger (on the input FX chain of the track) when I have the incoming midi channel set to ALL. When I set the incoming to CH10 I no longer see the clock messages.

Are timing clock messages not able to be received on specific channels?
Any way to get the timing clock on CH10?

I posted a script here (3rd post down):
but couldn't ever figure out that part of it. I was going to use slider 4 to pass or block it, but commented it out. (And for some reason the script won't work when incoming is set to MIDI ALL. It has to be on CH10).

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