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Default Automation using midi keyboard

I want to be able to mute and unmute tracks while the song is playing and be able to save these using automation.

Ideally I would want the track to play (unmute) only if I'm holding an assigned note down on the keyboard.

Is this possible?
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In Reaper, close to everything is possible (when using certain Add-Ons or script programming).

I am not sure if ReaScripts can be triggered by Note-on / Note off events, but I think they can be triggered by certain Midi events, and they can mute/unmute tracks.

If they can't accept Note-on / Note off events, you would need to convert Note-on / Note off events to CC events in a track FX (using some JSFX script) and then send the CC events to the Reaper control stream by "MidiToReaControlPath".

If there is no "built-In" way to trigger ReaScripts or use other Actions for the track activation, you can use SWS LiveConfigs to run arbitrary actions triggered by Midi CC events.

-Michael (continuing lurking to learn more about ReaScripts and Actions)
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