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Default Error parsing project, project file and backup file have this error

I have a project I've been incrementally working on very slowly but intricately since like last November. A few weeks ago my computer was having some weird issues and I wanted to just shut it down and restart it, so as I was about to do so I remembered my project and saved before I shut down. After I did this my computer for some reason would not go past the opening "Dell" logo, but then again for some reason after a few days this resolved itself and would boot again (this is an unimportant detail mostly). But when everything was back up and running, all of my projects loaded fine except this one, which I saved just before shutting down.

I absolutely need some help resolving this, the only exported audio I have from this does not have a few months of work I did on this so I would appreciate any help. Both the project file and the backup file have the "error parsing project" error, so I'm at a loss of what to do.

I saw in this thread (https://forums.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=126404) that there's something that might be able to be edited so that this loads right? I will post both the project file and the backup file if anyone is able to fix them. The function for attaching files here is not working for me, so I literally just made two zippyshare links here that you can download the files from. If this is not okay or if no one wants the files in this way or whatever then please direct me how you would like me to proceed.

The .rpp

The .bak
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"403 Forbidden"
Use she/her, when contacting me, please. Thanks :) Not mentoring via PMs, sorry.
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Unfortunately, both of those files are just filled with zeros. So there is nothing to salvage here. Sorry
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