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Default Monitor FX and MIDI

Hi all,

I spend days to find a solution to do what I want, but can't find any clue, so maybe someone can help me here, or just tell me it's not possible

First of all, here is what is my configuration and my need.

I play live and I need to have my click and backtrack samples played, and also MIDI Program Changes sent to my Guitar Amp (Kemper) for each song.
I created a project for each song and opened each project in a separeted tab in Reaper.
I use a marker and a scripted action at each end of song to stop transport and go to next project tab (thus next song) and go to begining of the projet.
I also configured an AKAI LPD8 and Reaper Shortcut with "SWS : switch to project tab #" to go to the desired tab if needed rearrangement during the live performance.

Untill now, everything is great and working fine.

But, between each song I used to launch an audio sample and it should stop when the next song starts. I usualy used an MIDI note signal to launch the desired sample (there is 3 to 4 different samples during our gig) and another MIDI note to a dummy sample to cut the sample.
Before moving to Reaper I used Albeton live and managed this with the integrated Drum Rack and used the Session View with MIDI clip to launch the sample at the end of a song and when starting another song, a MIDI clip to cut the sound (Dummy sample) after some seconds.
On Reaper I didn't find how to do it in the same convenient way.
I choosed Sitala from Decomposer plugin and mounted it in the FX:Monitoring, which works for all tabs, but I didn't find a way to send MIDI to this FX:Monitoring to lanch the samples.

Thanks for reading and for your help.

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I don't know much about sending midi to the Monitoring section, but why not create a dedicated track which does not output to master (disable master/parent send) - and send it directly to the hardware output. This track would be able to receive midi for triggering purposes.

I guess I'm not sure why you are putting the plugin in the monitoring section specifically.

Ah - edit:

You're using the monitoring section - because you're switching between different projects...


Have you tried placing ReaControlMIDI plugin in the Monitoring FX section - before the plugin you want to trigger? Then you can Learn a control in ReaControlMIDI to midi. The only thing I'm not sure about is if this learned control would be remembered for each project...
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Thanks lb0

Yes I want to share the effect between projects, because if you use it on one track, it gets muted when moving to another project tab.

I tried tu use ReaControlMIDI befor my plugin, but didn't succeed doing it work, but maybe I'm doing it wrong. I didn't try to use Learn though, I will try that, good idea, and I'll let you know.

EDIT : Couldn't succed in using ReaControlMIDI, but using LoopMIDIPort driver, when using Learn in my Sitala Plugin I can see MIDI notes going in the Learn windows. Unfortunalty with Learn I can only control options (Solo, Mute, Volume etc...) which works. So it seems MIDI notes are going in, but are not playing
I might miss something here.

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I Got it

By browsing other topics about handling MIDI CC from different tabs, I tried one of the tested solution. Using ReaStream ... Use one track on each of my project with MIDI note and the ReaStream configured with sending to Local Broadcast and a ReaStream on my FX:Monitoring before Sitala. I used the same Identifier for all these ReaStream VST.

Works perfectly !

Thanks for your help.
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