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Default Tips for using demo versions

A lot of plugins have demo version, either with some noise or dropouts every minute or limited to 1 or 2 weeks.
Before I decide to buy I watch videos, read reviews, ask in forums and download demo versions.
But reading reviews can also influence you in a bad way.
For example Soundtoys┤s echoboy was and still is hyped a lot, but I never use it.
It is implied in the name of plugin anyway - a toy for (little) boys haha

Two examples:
I just downloaded Black Box HG-2 (master saturation) by Plugin Alliance and compared it to plugins I have.
First I select presets and tweak a little bit.
Not bad on drums was my first expression, but I had the impression with some presets I simply use a volume knob to increase it a little or just differently I got a too muddy sound and I really do not need my kick drums to sound distorted.
Then I found out that I get pretty the same result with Softube┤s TLA-100A compressor and really the same when I use it in combination with API560.
And with wave┤s vitamin I did some settings conerning stereo width and got even better results finally.
It takes some time to tweak, but you can match the presets of HG-2.
Sometimes API did it alone, even if everything is set to "0" API adss a little colour to you sound.
My first impression: 7 (1=bad, 5=just ordinary, 10=great),
but I do not need it at all. CPU=1,7%

Then I checked Shadow Hills Masterin Class A compressor by PA.
Well, sometimes muddy sound, this time more in high end but can be good when
high hats are too nervy.
Again API560 made the job together with bx-opto by PA or Klanghelm┤s DC8C2 compressor. I could match most presets pretty well.
I underrated DC8C2 in the beginning and did not really like it, but I think
it is one of the best compressors for e-Bass and sometimes also good for drums or
guitars. I like the DC8C2 more than the new version DC8C3 e.g. I checked the same preset "bass sustain" and DC8C2 sounds just a little different and better to me.

My first impression of Shadow Hill: 7, but do not need it. CPU: 1,5%
CORRECTION 20TH OF APRIL: Sometims it needs more time to find out the strenght of a plugin.
I used it on drums. e-bass and keyboard- sounds, it helps to bring the sound mor upfront
with some air if wanted.

I do not intend to imply that above mentioned demo plugins are bad, but I just do not need them, because other plugins I have can do the same or similar job.

Maybe you also have some experience or stories with demo plugins you would like to share.

I think it would be interesting to know that demo plugin "A" sounds like plugin B, C or whatever. Maybe the similarity is not obvious immediately, but two or three plugins in combination could get a result similar to a certain demo plugin.

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