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Default Ogg Opus support

I'm curious about Ninjam support for Ogg Opus and if it has been considered for Ninjam as an alternative or successor to Ogg Vorbis.

The quality is shockingly high at low bitrates ala 48kbps.
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Heya there all:
Sorry for bumping a thread from a decade ago, but after quite a while now, Opus seems to have matured pretty well. So I'm curious if if it could be supported in Ninjam. Of course I'm probably one of the only people still using the curses client on Linux, and loving it.
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With reducing network delays and network and CPU capacity improving, it's probably possible to send lossless audio, particularly with a system like NINJAM where "some delay" massively increases the range of possibilities... Certainly, I'd say that would be worth thinking about rather than looking into an alternative lossy codec.
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