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Default Synchronizing Reaper with NinJam

The new sync feature is just great.

I understand that Justin is nice and helpful to the musicians (like myself) that are prevented from band rehearsals by the terrible Virus situation. Thanks a lot !!!!

Some suggestion to make it even more viable:

Right now at NinJam's "1", a rewind is performed in the Reaper project.

For content that is larger than the Loop to be worked on it would be great to go to a dedicated point in the project.
This could the start of the time selection or a marker
Maybe at best NinJam could trigger a definable action so that we can do a script that does something sensib÷le at that point.

It would be nice if ReaNinJam could send a "/bpm" request to the server with the bpm defined in Reaper.

It would be nice if ReaNinJam could send a "/bpi" request to the server with the count of beats in a sensible area e.g. the time selection or between two markers, or ...

Maybe (2) and (3) might include scripts or whatever so that the only thing necessary in ReaNinJam would be an interface to push chat text to same.

The idea for (2) and (3) is that a "Master" client (Teacher, "Band Leader"...) easily can control the server during a rehearsal session. (We in fact did set up a NinJam server for this.)

Thanks again !
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