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Default Feature Request for using NinJam for Rehearsal

I do know that this Feature Request may be would require a new product instead of an update for ReaNinJam and the server, but for the task we are trying to do it would be great to drastically reduce the latency introduced by NinJam. Right now this latency obviously is between one and two intervals, as the clients each manage their own timing (phase) for the interval in a completely cyclic way. This is perfectly good for permanently running short loops with potentially many clients.

In a "rehearsal" situation you often would use a huge BPI (a full chorus).

For such huge BPI, it would be better if a client (e.g. the drummer) could request restart of the loop (that then starts after an artificial lead-in of "n" beats), and the other clients hear the lead-in (delayed by another "n" beats) and their loop starts after the lead-in. In the first loop they would hear just the client who started the loop, in the next loop they would hear all others.

On top of this, you even could think about delaying the clients "n" beats one after the other (in a definable sequence). By this the last client (e.g. a solo instrument) could hear all the others rather soon. This would speed up the process and enhance the usability in a rehearsal situation a lot.

What do you think ?

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