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Default Feature request: metronome accent


Would it be possible to add a feature allowing the user to configure the metronome accent (e.g. as it is done in Jamtaba) to a fraction of the BPI.

For example if I want to play 4 measures with a 4/4 time signature, I define 16 BPI, with an accent every 4 beats.

What would be wonderful would be to be able to define it server-side (by a vote, like the BPI and the BPM, it would allow to define the same time signature for everyone). But it would probably require a modification of the protocol, client and server and I guess it would be difficult to add... But at least the possibility to define it only client-side (as in Jamtaba) would already be very useful and seems to be a quite "local" modification with a real added value for the user, especially when there is no drummer in the room.

Thanks in advance.

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