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Default A Few More ReaNinjam Suggestions

I've been thinking of a few more ideas that would be nice additions to ReaNinjam and its recordings.

1. When importing a clipsort file, it would be great to choose which tracks you want to import. In the past, one could do this to some degree by editing the last interval in the file so that the bpm and bpi were both 0, and putting only the tracks you did not want below that, while deleting the others. You'd lose any good content from that interval, but generally that wasn't a problem. However now this does not seem to work anymore, and I think a list of tracks to import would speed up the process for huge jams with many people coming and going.

2. Recently after importing a ninjam session for experimentation, I noticed changing tempo does not always work. In the past You could change the project tempo in options, or set a tempo marker, and the audio would adjust to the new bpm. Now certain jams do not do this, and the first method, setting project tempo as a whole, does not work on any.

3. Back to chat accessibility, having checked with several other blind users, there are varying amounts of success with reading the chat. For me it has improved, but the only way to read it consistently is to select the text and paste it into a document. If you scroll through the chat without doing this, NVDA goes silent. NVDA tends to do the same thing with WordPad which also uses the same type of RichEdit window, and the way I fix that is by switching the focus to another app, start menu, etc quickly and back. However with ReaNinjam if I do this, or press any other key whatsoever, it immediately jumps to the chat input box even if the key is not one you use for ttyping messages. So it seems that either one of the following would help solve this:
A. Changing the chat display to a plain text window, or
B. Disabling the automatic switch to the chat input field when any key is pressed; right now if I press something like control, windows, etc it jumps to the edit field. This is not necessary.
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