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Default [6.72] Bad performance with multichannel plugins

After installing 6.72, the project I'm currently working on started to put a very heavy load on the CPU (fans went full throttle) and audio was just a bunch of glitches.

Same session reopened with 6.71 worked like a charm.

After much investigation, I found that the plugins that drew so much were the numerous instances of Fabfilter Pro-L2 I have on atmos (10 channels) tracks.

I also have quite a few instances of Penteo 16 pro, Cinematics Room, ReaSurround and various SoundParticles plugins (all 10 channels), but the FabFilter seem to be the only one concerned with 6.72 but not at all with 6.71.

It's hard for me to tell if it's a Reaper or FabFilter issue, but the fact it works great with 6.71 suggests me that I should start by posting here.

All the best,

Mac Trashcan (Intel) / OS 12.6.2 (Monterey)
Both Universal and x86_64 builds have the same behaviour
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