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Default Broken search in custom preferences page

The Preferences window's search feature does nothing when an extension-created page is currently active. (It does work, including finding text in the custom page, if any other page is active.)

static prefs_page_register_t page {
  "pageid", "Page Name", &create,
  0x9a, "", // parent page ID (Plug-ins, unknown parent idstr)
  0,        // won't have children

plugin_register("prefpage", reinterpret_cast<void *>(&page));
Looked into it a little bit in case REAPER was expecting my page to behave in a certain way to enable search. The Find button is doing IsWindow on a nonsensical HWND (1043 in my case) and giving up.

Overwriting that value to be the proper HWND of the custom page at runtime makes the search succeed:

...which leads me to believe this may instead be a bug on REAPER's side.

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