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lou latch
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Default Click caused by jump of env. curve when Action:write current values to time selection


i'm not exactly sure if it's a bug or an oversight, but i can't think of any reason one would want that behaviour:

-When writing automation in touch, latch or write mode you can set up the time (in preferences) it takes for the envelope to return to it's previous value. GOOD!

-When selecting time and dragging up/down an envelope in that time selection theres a short slope (of 20 ms i think) automatically created at the edges of the selection -> makes total sense to avoid clicks in playback, although it would be nice to be able to set the time of that slope, too. GOOD!

BUT when performing the Action 'Automation: Write current values to time selection' it creates an instant jump, so that when playing back there will be an audible click in many cases, depending on parameter. NOT GOOD!

I guess it is a quick fix. Personally i'd prefer for that action to use the value one can specify in the preferences, but it would also be o.k. to have the same preset value like when dragging up/down.
That would make that feature much more usable.

Thanks for reading!

The attachment shows these three behaviours:
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File Type: jpg current value to time selection_misbehaviour.jpg (54.6 KB, 62 views)
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lou latch
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No comment?

Does that mean it is meant to work like that (maybe for a reason) or just doesn't bother anybody else?

For me at the moment that function is only usable for sections that stand for themselves without a transition to a next part / section / whatever.

If there was a softer slope it could easily be used to set up parameters for a section of a bigger context, like a chorus in a song for example. And then also use these settings for another similar section with the push of one button, just by setting up the time selection over there while playing back the already adjusted part. That'd be much faster than copy-pasting all envelopes...

Or am i missing something?

I'm working in a pretty classical way, recording and mixing full bands playing 'live' (not track by track). Having that function working smooth would make mixing a lot easier, not?

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Maybe you'd like an additional parameter added in the preferences. 1 ms would be sufficient a lot of the time, especially for volume which is the primary culprit here.

We do not yet have a function to interpolate values from one state to the next, which may be a good one for a script. Hmmm. I gotta see what Spk77 and X-Raym have to say on this. They're the envelope guys in the scripting section.
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lou latch
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Thanks for your answer, airon!

Technically 1 ms would be enough (to avoid a click), musically i'd much prefer 20 ms, which is already automatically used when dragging an envelope up or down in a time selection (second example in screenshot). I thought it would be a tiny fix in the code to apply that same value to the Action... but i have no clue how that is written in the code.

Of course an option in preferences would be the nicest solution for me... although i think the devs have to be careful with adding more options to preferences, some day it might become just too much to work through if every tiny bit can be set up to ones likes.

A compromise would be to have a checkbox in the preferences window where one can set up

'Automation recording return speed ___ ' -something like: also use for 'write values to time selection'
If unchecked the default of 20 ms could be used...

edit: of course a script to add to the action would be perfect perfectly fine, too. Unfortunately i have no skills in that area.

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