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Default Exiting REAPER after python script in a function is called with a button

Hello all,
I have this GUI made with the Scythe module, very straight forward and useful tool for this purpose.
I got recently blocked at trying to exit Reaper by calling one function when the user clicks that Button.
local function launch_potion()
  local potion_path = "~/Documents/REAPER/extract_potion.py"
  local cmd = string.format("~/venv/bin/python3 %s", potion_path)
  --reaper.atexit(os.execute('~/venv/bin/python3 ~/Documents/REAPER/extract_potion.py'))
  --Scythe.quit = true


local window = GUI.createWindow({
    name = "SAUCE",
    w = 50,
    h = 50,

layer = GUI.createLayer({name = "Layer"})


    name = "launch_btn",
    type = "Button",
    x = 40,
    y = 40,
    w = 250,
    caption = "Launch Potion",
    func = launch_potion


So whenever the user click that `Launch Potion` Button, an external python script GUI is being launched, and my reaper GUI or even Reaper itself stay open unless I force quit from terminal or the usual force quit of MacOS.
I even tried including a `subprocess` in the py script calling `pkill REAPER` but no luck.
Not sure if that's even supported by Reaper.
I would appreciate it if someone can show me another way to do this please.
Thank you!

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