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Default Reaper projects - Project List - Play live


I use Reaper a lot to produce and to play live ... so, regarding to my question, in order to play a set of 15 songs live, I usually load them in several TABS and use the SWS Project List arrange the order of the songs and to jump from one project to another ...

Some of the songs load Kontakt libraries a bit heavy and the fact of having several open projects consumes sometimes too quickly the maximum capacity of 8GB memory of my notebook. My notebook does not support more than that capacity, unfortunately.

Is there a possibility to make the Reaper load only in memory the number of projects you want? For example, the previous song, the current one (in focus) and the one that follows? And so on and that will be renewed? All this based on a preloaded set of 15 projects, for example ...

Thanks in advance!
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Why not bouncing your tracks instead of keeping open each project?
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