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Default Display MIDI note numerical value, on hover/click

Apologies in advance if this isn't big/important enough to be a feature request, or if I've missed an obvious solution.

In Piano Roll/MIDI edit view, it would be useful to be able to see the numeric value of velocity (or I suppose any variable being edited) when hovering over, or long pressing, a drawn note.

I often find myself wanting to quickly know the exact value of a note's velocity, for example to match it with a different note, or for other general reasons.

Even clicking on the note, as if I'm about to adjust the velocity, will not display the value.
I have to actually start adjusting the volume, before the moving value is displayed.
But even then, it hasn't show the original value before adjusting, just the new/moving one. So then I end up taking a guess at what the exact original value was.
And once I've done that, if I want it back where it was, I need to move it back to the *approximate* numerical value, or click "undo".

As I've found myself doing this over and over again, I figured it's worth bringing up as a workflow issue.
Also I know that "using your ears" is a thing, but as I say, sometimes I also want to know the exact value.

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For now maybe helpful alternatives:

You know that you can have velocity value displayed on the notes?
MIDI editor menu -> View -> Piano roll notes -> Show velocity numbers on notes

juliansader's note inspector script:
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Thanks very much for that.

I installed the extension although it was a little overkill.
But as you suggested, I did change the settings so that the velocity is always shown on the notes.
This has basically fixed the problem.

I know nothing of coding/software development, but if it happens to be a quick and easy fix, I still think it would be nice if the velocity was displayed when clicking/long clicking on the velocity 'handles', without having to adjust them. It seems a bit odd to me that you have to start moving the handles until the velocity is displayed. This way I wouldn't have to have the values permanently displayed on the notes, and everything would seem neater and less cluttered.

Either way you've basically helped solve my specific problem, so thank you!
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