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Default arp!0 - groovy midi arp

hello all!

here is my first major jump into Js scripting. big fun for me! hope it's useful.

the quick reference has gotten too big for a forum post, but can be found in arpbangzero_documentation.pdf in the zip. here are the feature list and some very important credits:
arp!0 noteable features:
- independent length for each control sequence.  parameter polyrhythms!
- all real-time controls visible at once.  change anything immediately.
- expandable control grids for even more immediacy!
- accent and offset sequences can create cool rhythmic grooves.
- step length and voices sequences for uneven, chordal arpeggios.
- step type sequence for quick changes to input note order.
- variants for quick change arps with mouse or midi program changes.
- user definable sort transforms rearrange input notes in unique ways.
- syncs to the beat when the host is playing or recording.
- plays in time as settings change, and through variant & preset changes! 
- all arp parameters saved in Reaper presets.
- real-time display of active notes, played notes, and current steps.
- pronounced "arp!-oh" (the bang is silent :^)

  first and formost, highest praise and thanks to Justin Frankel and 
  the Cockos team for Jesusonic, the audio/midi hacker's paradise.  it is
  *so* cool to be able to create & customize fx plugins that integrate
  with the Reaper ecosystem.  heya! hey!
  arp!0 was largely inspired by the arpeggiator in Urs Heckmann's amazing
  Zebra2 software synthesizer, <>, and by the 
  many cool arp presets available for Zebra.  in addition to the powerful 
  step and voices options, the way the entire Zebra arp is visible and 
  accessible makes it exceptionally *useable*.  i wanted this useability 
  with other softsynths, and also the option to record and postprocess arp 
  i have wanted the groovy accent and offset features for a long time.  
  seeing these realized in Arto Vaarala's Kirnu arp was inspiring.  Kirnu 
  has many unique capabilities of its own: 
  the arp!0 user interface mostly grew out of the natural possibilities of
  the Jesusonic graphics api.  but a major inspiration for the clean, flat
  look are Sean Costello's beautiful interfaces for his awesome ValhallaDSP 
  fx: <>.
  a quick heyah! to sound design craftsman Michael Cavallo, who's marvelously
  mutable mc Percaluptus Zebra preset was good company as i developed
  arp!0.  Michael's Zebra soundbanks are great, and his arp patches are 
  especially luminous: <>.
  finally, all praise and honor to **** O'Riley and all the rhythmic synth
  pioneers.  we stand on the shoulders of giants in this teenage wasteland.
stash download page here.

i've also uploaded a companion midi arp controller Js here. much smaller effort, but still big fun.

i would greatly appreciate testing and feedback. one person's perspective is just so limited.

anywho, thanks for your consideration, and...

enjoy! /dan

ps- one more screenshot, since the settings pane has become more significant. but "that's all folks!" - just two panes:

pps- well, ok: two more screenshots. :^) pretty colors:

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