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Default Need Docker Help (Solved -- Sort of)

The Reaper Users Guide (v5.979c) says you can create up to 16 dockers (p. 222), and that to create a new docker you drag and drop any tab from an existing docker into the arrange view area (p. 223).

I currently have 5 dockers (one docked at the bottom of the main window, the "floating toolbar docker", and 3 other floating dockers I created at some point in the past).

When I try to drag/drop a tab from an existing docker into the arrange view area to create a new docker, it just gives me a floating toolbar, not a new docker.

When I right-click on the new floating toolbar, the positioning options are:

* At main toolbar
* At top of main window
* Floating
* In Toolbar Docker

None of those put it in a new docker.

What am I doing wrong?
How do I create a new docker instead of a floating toolbar?

I am using Reaper v5.980/x64 on Windows 10 Home 1903/18362.239.

EDIT: I looked in the "reaper.ini" file, and saw that it does have parameters for 16 dockers. After some experimenting and a few failed attempts, I was able to edit the correct parts of the file to create a new docker.

However, I would still like to know why the procedure outlined in the Users Guide didn't work. Is it a bug? Or am I doing it wrong?

For those who want to know, here is what I did to add the new toolbar:

1) The "reaper.ini" file defined left/right/top/bottom positions for "docker", "docker1", "docker2", "docker3", and "docker4", so I figured that "docker5" would be the 6th docker.

2) Using "docker4" as a template, I set the "docker5" parameters as follows ("toolbar:3" is the floating one I wanted to put in a new docker):

toolbar:3=0.50000000 5
I don't know what "0.50000000" means/does (different toolbars have vastly different values), but I figured out that the rest of that line is putting toolbar:3 into docker5.

3) Opened Reaper, and voila! There was the new docker, ready to be repositioned and have more toolbars added to it by dragging/dropping them the normal way.
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Cool tip!

Reaper could really use some TLC on controlling multiple dockers, something like they have for multiple Toolbars.
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