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Default Automating the video fx parameters

I made some music videos and automated some parameters of the built-in video processor. I was able to get some bigger effects like a lowres kaleidoscope (video frame rotation), psychedelic colors, things like that (note I think more things might be possible with some simple edge detector type fx or better saturation type fx - similar to the now-ancient audio-animator-screen-saver algorithms)

The way I automated the fx parameters was quite strange, somehow adding a signal into the envelope input. I dont even remember how I did it now.. but many fx were layered on top of each other in specific orders.

Anyway I was wondering if there were howto resources on various things like this. Just using the built-in processor and specific for 'stackable' video fx.

My results werent pro or anything but it was fun and different.
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There are subtle but crucial differences in the order of video FX.

I don't fully understand the details, but the video item effect is first, the track effect next, the folder effect next, the Main track is final. And in each effect window the order of the plugs in each window also have consequences.

What I don't grasp is how the various video effects interact due to this order. I basically noodle around till I get what I want...

As for automating, I usually use simple track envelopes for video, except I use item fades and item volume for controlling brightness and blend when crossfading between items

You might ask this in the video forum. There are some serious Reaper video gurus hanging out there.
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yes when I try this, there is a chunk of trial & error involved including reordering the orders of things. to me it seems like there are actual bugs in this area but nothing I can point to specifically.

my automations were like: sweeping alpha from X to Y via a sine wav input, so it would oscillate, and other parameters like color shifts, etc.

there could be much more possible if reaper had a very basic "matte" plugin which provided different shapes as the mask.
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