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Default FX folder color-coding

I have 25 FX folders. Perhaps not as many as some of you, but it would be really really nice to have color-coded FX folders. I've seen requests of Subfolders and I'd be probably happy to have those, too, but why not give the option to choose? I personally wouldn't like to be opening and/or closing subfolders, but I'd like to have colors indicating what type of FX is in the folders.

For example, I have tried putting the similar types next to each other, and the biggest type is dynamics. For those I have folders for compressors, multiband compressors, limiters, clippers, gate, de-esser, and other dynamics. I would be great to see all of those as a big chunk of the same color. Similarly, another chunk of another same color for delay, modulation, and reverb. Another color for EQ's and saturator.
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The SWS extension lets you do that easily.
There's a setup window that will color tracks according to name.
So you can put in 'verb' and it'll autocolor any track containing 'verb'.

If you use a constant track naming convention, you can enter those names, such as 'Delay fx', Reverb fx', etc. and assign the colors you want.

Without SWS, just color and name the folder tracks the way you like, and save them as a track template. Then they can be added to any project, and come up with the colors and names used when you saved it.
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I use that tool all the time. There is no track name that I use that doesn't have auto-color or even auto-layout (for example, if I type "buss" somewhere in the name, the layout for that track changes automatically).

But what I meant is color-coding the FX folders. When you go to insert a plugin, the FX browser window pops up, and to the left you have the FX folders, both stock and however many you have created yourself. Those are the ones I would like to color code, and I think many would dig.
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