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Default IPlug - Youlean

Hi guys, here is the initial release of IPlug-Youlean. Some examples are removed but it will be added later.

This framework adds over WDL-OL:
-GUI resize/rescale
-GUI live edit; This could be easily added to WDL-OL too if someone wants to play with it.
-Cairo graphics support; This will allow you to use LICE + cairo in your plugin with great performance. All libs for MSVC2015 and 10.7+ XCode are included.

This framework will get many update in the future, and some API will likely be changed, but everything will be logged, so don't worry.

API change from WDL-OL:
mRECT to mDrawRECT
GetRECT to GetDrawRECT
LoadBitmap to LoadPointerToBitmap

Try it and enjoy. If you want to port your plugin to mine framework, just clone IPlugExample and the add your sources. That will be the fastest way for doing it...

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Best wishes with IPlug Youlean, following with much interest...
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awesome, thank you
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Cool, thanks for sharing!
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+1, looking forward to checking out the Cairo integration! Thanks!
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