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Default Midi editor key snap markers

* Request
As the title suggests, markers for controlling key snap changes in the midi editor.

* Benefit
The ability to set markers that govern the key and scale that the key snap is set to at any given point in time, would eliminate the need to click through the two lists at the bottom of the midi editor every time one wants to paint in notes of a different chord or scale.

* Reason
As someone who knows music theory fairly well, using the key snap feature is no faster than manually plugging in notes myself.

* Implementation Suggestion
Although simple in concept, I don't expect implementation would be simple. I imagine it would work similarly to tempo markers, just for controlling key snap settings instead of tempo. Unlike tempo though, key snap seems confined to the midi editor.

Perhaps one solution might be integrating this feature with a new key parameter in the same context as tempo similar to other daws. But that seems overkill to me.

I'd be happy to include gifs upon demand of exactly what I am envisioning.
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