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Default SOLVED: Reaper cannot find ffmpeg on a clean Ubuntu 22.10 install.

On a fresh install of Ubuntu 22.10, Reaper 6.71 cannot find ffmpeg.

It doesn't matter if you install debs via apt (ffmpeg v 5.1.1) or via the Snap Store (ffmpeg v 4.3.1).

Reaper is limited to vlc for video decoding and there is no way to encode video. (VLC provides two encoding options, but neither is a professional format.)

This is a critical problem for anyone doing audio post to picture where we routinely render videos for client approval of mixes.

If you upgraded to 22.10 from 22.04, you're ok because Reaper will find the older ffmpeg libraries which are not removed by default.

Under Preferences > Media > Video "Show decoder info", it's pretty clear Reaper is not seeing ffmpeg.

I'm lucky because I have an older partition with 22.04 and a working version of Reaper/ffmpeg which I can boot to render videos, but for others not so lucky, this is really a big problem. Like... make me boot Pro Tools in Windows level of problem. You just can't do post work without rendering videos. I implore you to address this ASAP.

Available decoder information:

========== VLC ==========
VLC v3.0.x
Loaded from: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/vlc/plugins

========== ffmpeg/libav ==========
ffmpeg/libav not found

ffmpeg/libav search path:
System Info:

OS: Ubuntu 22.10 x86_64
Reaper: tested on versions 6.66 to 6.71
ffmpeg: Apt: 5.1.1 or Snap 4.3.1
Audio Post Engineer: JennAudio.com
Adjunct Faculty: Columbia College Chicago - Retired!

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