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Default tcp_idxbg & tcp_idxbgsel - width

Is there a default width for display of tcp_idxbg.png ?

I'm playing around with a custom image and am finding that no matter what I do with the width of the original, it still comes out looking the same.

I've tried playing around with the pink and yellow marker lines, but admittedly I'm not 100% sure what they do... if anyone could explain that it would be a great help.
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I guess you'll find default width in rtconfig.txt file of your theme.
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The actual display size of the tcp_idxbg.png in the theme you are working with is likely specified in the WALTER code found in the rtconfig.txt file.

For example, here is the line in the rtconfig.txt which I use:

set tcp.trackidx [390 5 18 18 0 0 0 0 ]

These numbers indicate that the tcp_idxbg.png is to be displayed as 18 pixels wide x 18 pixels high, and the top left corner is 390 pixels to the right of, and 5 pixels below, the top left of the Track Control Panel.

You can refer to the Themer's Guide to learn more about the WALTER synatx.
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thanks for pointers in the right direction.

Currently, I'm just messing around with default 6.0 theme, and so it's bit different there:

set tcp.trackidx + + [0 0 this_tcp_indent] [folder_sec 0 0 0 0 0 0 1] * scale [0 0 37 100]

changed the value in scale from [0 0 18 100] to [0 0 37 100] and now I get the full width image.

What I probably need to do is start with some basic theme settings, like classic 1x or something and go from there, so I'm not fiddling with over-complicated stuff.

Am actually hoping to create an Adobe Audition clone for Reaper... much to learn first!
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Your best bet is to put everything back as it was so that the machinery of the theme can do its work. Changing the end bit to 37 is going to set that value to 37 x (scale) so if you set scale to 200%, that value becomes 74. Anyhow, set everything back, then, at the end of the layout you can set another line like this:

set tcp.trackidx + [-2 2 0 5]

Here you are allowing the theme to do its magic, then adding adjustment to the final result. In this example, you are
making the following adjustments:

start element -2px left of current value
start element +2px down of "
make element 0px wider
make element 5px taller (down)

Get it?
This technique can be applied to all sorts of elements to make fine adjustments to the final values without disrupting the action of the code.
(Make sure to add it to the end of the layout.)
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