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Default Apple Script to Launch Reaper -- PROBLEM SOLVED

I've set up my TouchOSC pad so that it uses an Apple Script to launch Reaper. The script is a simple one:

tell application "Reaper64" to activate

The script works perfectly if Reaper is not in Full Screen mode. But if I put Reaper in Full Screen, close it, and try to launch it with the script, the application launches... BUT... I can't see it. It is hidden somewhere.

I can see the menu when I put my mouse at the top of the screen, and I can open various windows like the FX browser, etc., but the main window is nowhere to be found. I'm only using one desktop, no other monitors, and when I hit F3 to view all the application windows, Reaper is not among them. Reaper shows its open in my Dock, but if I try to "unhide" it, nothing happens.

The only way to get the script to launch Reaper so it can be seen, as I said, is to take Reaper out of Full Screen mode.

Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening?

EDIT: I discovered that if I tell Reaper not to show the splash screen, it works just fine. Problem solved.

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