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Originally Posted by airon View Post
That's often AAC Encoder magic that introduces that kind of latency. Beware of shit-faced MP4 files. There are encoders that don't do this, but generally I'm moving on to free formats like MKV, Flac, Wavpack and Opus. Most folks have VLC these days so they can play that stuff.

Btw I use TEncoder which uses Mencoder and FFMPEG to produce ProRes files, either in a MOV or MKV container. I have no Adobe products and Quicktime is being thrown out of Windows right now, so that's the free software alternative to any commercial encoder. It's fast too.

Using Vordio on Premiere XML exports. Works great.
It is looking to me like FCPX exports mp4s that don't work well in REAPER. However, it seems to export m4v files that work fine. I usually use "Export for Apple Devices" and don't get a sync issue. I'll have to warn people about reference formats from different NLEs.
Vordio - Post Production Toolkit
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