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Default Question about the auto color /layout SWS Extention

In the same way that the auto color layout works when naming tracks, is there also a way to do the same thing with tracks in respect to plugins?

In my case, I buy pre-recorded music that I sing to. For each instrument I purposely name them a certain way so that when I import them into a project it triggers the color / layout SWS Extension.

So, for example, I would name the drums, 1-185-D-DRUMS

1 is the track number it is assigned to
185 is the record number in a database that I am maintaining of all the songs I have
D is the key of the song
DRUMS is the name of the instrument

Now, for the drums, it always gets a limiter placed on it and that limiter is always set the same. Is there a way to set it up so that when the track is imported, the plugin (s) are automatically placed on the track at the time I import the track automatically and set to certain settings as adjusted in advance?

If so, how do I do that?
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SWS doesn't do this because the ability is built into Reaper already.

Set up your track exactly how you want it, and R-click 'Save as Track Template' It will give you options on whether to include items and envelopes; you can leave them unchecked. But the FX will be saved, and reloaded whenever you use 'Insert track from template' from the same menu.

Note: It won't save Sends unless you select both the track and the track you are sending to before saving.
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