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Default API: MIDI_SetNote affects nearby note

When using MIDI_SetNote to alter a note whose position is within another note's length, and both notes have the same pitch, the original note's end position gets completely messed up.

Here's a video of it happening: https://imgur.com/a/G9tuIDA
Look at the length of the red note.

Here's the code:

local item = reaper.GetSelectedMediaItem(0, 0)
local take = reaper.GetActiveTake(item)
local retval, selected, muted, startpos, endpos, channel, pitch, velocity =  reaper.MIDI_GetNote(take, 0)

-- create new note placed 50 ppq away from the original
reaper.MIDI_InsertNote(take, false, muted, startpos + 50, endpos + 50, channel, pitch,
                        velocity, false)

-- alter the new note
reaper.MIDI_SetNote(take, 1, false, muted, startpos + 50, endpos + 50,
                    channel + 1, pitch, velocity, false)

reaper.Undo_EndBlock('Note bug test', 0)

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This is unfortunately an inevitable side-effect of the way REAPER stores MIDI data, and scripts should take precautions.

The problems with overlapping notes have been discussed in several threads in the MIDI subforum and the Bug report subforum, and these discussions will give you a good overview of the issue. For example: MIDI overlapping note issue.
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