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Default [5.97pre1/x64] MIDI Notation - extra notation parameters added after gluing region


Reaper v5.97pre1/x64
Win 10 Pro 64bit

Pre condition
New Reaper project with 1 MIDI track

  1. Create a 1-bar long MIDI region
  2. In the notation editor, add a few notes to the region and change their note heads (I chose 'X'); exit the notation editor
  3. Loop the region and stretch it to 4 bars
  4. Glue the region
  5. Bug: the gluing operation inserted the text "phrase [number] slur continue" to the looped MIDI events (this is visible in the MIDI Event List editor).
  6. Bug: re-open the (now glued) MIDI region in the notation editor and click to add a new note - slurs are inserted under each bar.

Hope this helps

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