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Default Reaper crashing

Hi, I have some serious crashing problem with my current project. Whenever I make do anything from hitting play or save to opening and fx I get a a stutter and a program not responding message. If I touch the mouse while this is happening I crash. The stutters happen about every 5 seconds or so.
I do run a fairly heavy project with about 85 track and a lot of heavy vstis like Serum, Omnisphere and Kontakt and on top of that I have many other fx on these tracks. It could be just this, but I was completely stable yesterday and had very few issues and I just don't think I've made enough changes to warrant this extreme instability out of the blue.

Windows 10

i7 4790k
16gb DDR3 ram
SSD Hardrive

Babyface Pro
Buffer size 256 samples
Sample rate 48khz

Thanks and please let me know if you need to know anything else

Edit: Okay, so the crashing isn't as severe now, but the stutter is the same. I think the crashing is caused by the stutter happening when heavy VSTs are open.
Edit: I'm starting to suspect ram may be the issue as I had a 93% ram usage while Reaper and Chrome was open. This would also explain the sudden change, since ram headroom is a hard ceiling. I am still open to hear your thoughts, though
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