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Default Editing midi map - cutting and pasting sections

Hi guys,

Apologies if this has been covered already in a post, but I can't find exactly what I'm looking for. Also, let me start by saying I am a beginner with midi programming. I just want basic drums and to be able to add the occasional drum fill or cymbal crash in my midi map.
I have recorded several minutes of midi drums using my Digitech GNX4 and I can see the midi map (piano roll) as a track in Reaper and it plays audio using the MT Powerdrums VST plug-in - so that's almost everything I need. My problem is that I'm trying to add little drum fills to the midi map, that I create using the library in MT Powerdrums. I can create the kinds of fills I want using the MT Powerdrums loop editor, but after that, there are two problems
1. It doesn't paste the fill where I position the cursor in the midi map. It seems to always paste the fill a few bars to the right of where I have clicked in the midi map. So I need to be able to select it again once it pastes it in the wrong spot and drag it to where I want it.
2. I can't seem to keep my drum fill selected. As soon as it pastes to the midi map, it becomes unselected, so I can't then move it to where I need it to be. Is there a way to keep the drum fill I just pasted, selected, so that I can keep moving it, until it's in the right place? This was really easy to do with my old recording software, so I'm assuming it'll be easy in Reaper too, but I don't know what I'm getting wrong.

Thanks in advance guys.


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I don't do much midi, but if you need to select the fill again after pasting, you can right click/drag to lasso the notes you want to select and then you can move them while keeping there relative placement to each other.
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