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Default my first try at playing the trombone...


I actually think my tromboning improves throughout the course of the song, muhahah.

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That was cool! It has a very funky, 'down' vibe. Oh lawd! You so funkeh, you neck deep in mud!

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That's the best bomtrone playing I've heard in awhile......here's something else that's funny, where does virgin wool come from.....

ugly sheep..

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hehe... justin ur the bomb

almost lost my marbles listning to that - please post more of that bad-ass'd funky bastard groove playin'

.. its been a while but that was a total freak out to listen to... puts Babyface live in NY to shame

- really enjoyed that

edit: reminds me of a very "special version" of bohemian Rhapsody - anyone got that - you'll know which 1 if you've heard it ? (about 15 yrs ago)

edit2: ...it even gets even better the 2nd time - Miles in his prime burnin' giant steps on bone - i'm afraid to listen to it a 3rd time... wicked chops!
Reaper cuts the mustard !

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