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Default High Buffer Size needed

Hello everyone,

Here is my issue, I've recently acquired a iMAC G5, with the following characteristics:

Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.3
1.8 GHz PowerPC G5

I know it's old, but still, its only purpose is audio production and it won't be polluted by anything else. Indeed, the first things I've done were formatting the Disk and installing REAPER v4.32/PPC that I use with a TASCAM FireOne audio interface.

On my first session to test how things were running, I've recorded 2 guitar tracks. Everything went well with low latency, and then I've added 2 buses tracks (one for reverb and one for delay). Both guitar tracks are sent to the reverb (ReaVerb) and one is sent to the delay (ReaDelay). During playback, "crackles" and "drops" are heard until I increase the buffer size higher than 1028 (that then puts the latency around 25/30ms)!
When I run the playback at 128spls (Buffer Size), full of drops, the CPU Usage shows ~55%, shouldn't it be way higher for the bad quality I get?

So I have a few questions:

Could this be linked to anything else than the processor (or RAM)?
Could using ASIO driver instead of CoreAudio change anything?
Is there anywhere I could get a Reaper Demo Session to try playback on a normal sized session?
Is there an older Reaper Version available, on which things could run smoother?
Is that because the Mac is getting physically old? Knowing that back in 2006/2007 my actual configuration was around the best possible (I guess there already were home studist at that time ^^

Anyway, thanks for you answers
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As a first step I would try a few settings on the ReaVerb itself. On the lower right corner there are two checkboxes, "ZL" and "LL". By checking them and clicking "set all" should lower the load ReaVerb has on the system.
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