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Default "Rain" Bass DI/ITB??

Hey!! I was wondering how one can attain the bass tone in the Beatles' song "Rain". This is the best example, but other songs of theirs starting in 1966 (the 'revolver' era) had this sort of sound.


Specifically, I was wondering how to get this all done ITB with the bass tracked in DI (can be reamped ITB to amplitube, etc.).
Also, would part of the 'fatness' involve anything like a saturation/tape emulation/console emulation in the master bus help.. The reason I ask is because of how the bass seems to interact with the track.... It is almost overpowering, but not quite. It is so smooth but so loud I would love to know how to do it in today's world, if I can only do it with the tools I have.

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Good luck!
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Paul's tone is not something easily replicated, but you can get close with the right know how.

Use flat wound strings if possible, or even just really dead round wounds. It sounds like both pickups are being used, and his bass has a neck pickup thats really close to the neck, not like a P Bass, so thats going to influence the sound as well. Playing with a pick will give you an even attack and add to the punchiness.

As far as effects go the only thing besides EQ and Comp would be some sort of saturation like a tube pre amp or vintage amp sim.

As said, good luck.
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Default Some old info from GearSlutz:

This might help a bit:

Specifically, posts 10 and 11, but the whole thread is a good read.

Also, for you DIYers (and IR specialists):

Finally, for those with deep pockets:

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