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Default Send Custom OSC messages on track select

**Reaper and OSC amateur warning**

Hi Forum!

Im trying to display more name information than just track name and set a couple parameters in my Lemur template. I have a feeling theres more than one way to do this so please share any ideas!

Im using a custom Lemur Template for a large orchestral session where articulations are on separate child tracks. The parent is named by the instrument (Violin/vln, bassoon etc) with a two letter code for the developer (CS for cinesamples for instance).

VEP Plugin
--> (Dev) Instrument (n)
------> Articulation (n)
------> Articulation (n)
--> (Dev) Instrument (n)
------> Articulation (n)
------> Articulation (n)

My Lemur template can do a few things

I have ID numbers assigned to instrument families - example - Strings are 1, Brass 2. these numbers change the interface color

I have an ID for the developer. 1 is cinesamples, 2 is spitfire etc. This changes the CC numbers of the faders to match dev's standard (spitfire doesnt use cc2 for vibrato for example)

And I'd also like to take the instrument name from the Parent folder so I can keep the articulation names short.

the final look would be something like:

vln i

Tightness Expression Vibrato Dynamics
cc18 cc11 cc21 cc1

Is there a way to insert all this data in OSC messages sent by the last touched track?
/Instrument/vln i

I used to use Logic. I could use a unqiue track name coming from logic to trigger a script that sets all these variables lemur side. Im really trying to make a modular system this time though. It would be awesome if reaper could just tell lemur a couple of basic things to set the template. Maybe its omething that coul dbe stored with the track in a track template... I dont know just thinking out loud.

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