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Default Pops, clicks in Reaper ? Nevermind. My bad.


I recently upgraded to this version. In all honesty, I finally paid for this version having "demo'd" it for probably well over a year .... hey, give me a break....I bought the forever licence the first time around.. Great product, yall! You should be proud.

Anyhoo - I paid and finally updated. Ever since then I'v noticed problems. Pops, clicks, static. I also have trouble opening Kontact - which might be a 32 bit type-issue....cause its an old one.

Could I have missed something if there was a huge leap in versions?


NOTE: I increased the buffer latency....something I had decreased myself shockingly close to when I got the latest version. Works great. I included this update in case you are actually searching (lol) for a problem because you, too are a moron and you attributed your foolishness to Reaper. It's probably something you did.

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