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Default Advice on Sidechain(?)

Please Great Reawizards;
I'm trying to figure this out on my own. But, I want to know If I'm going about this task in the right direction to avoid actual waste of time..
I have a track with two main sounds. One I want to keep, the other is a snare - which I do not want to keep.

My monkeying around led me to an FX chain that I think is doing what I want. ( stock plugins just for the record)

EQ - used to emphasize the snare by using a LP at bout 7k
pin is to VST out 3/4

Gate - main input 3/4 : gate output 3/4
with detector set to MAIN INPUT L/R
setting this to catch Snare hit but leave the 2nd lower level
sound pass.

Compressor - Input main 1/2 and Aux 3/4
compressed output 1/2
BUT with the detector set to Aux L/R

To me this is a sidechain? using the eq to split my signal send it to a gate, which triggers the compressor to only compress when the snare hits?

Am I going about this correctly? Any comments or advice will be humbly accepted...
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Yes, it is a sidechain.
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If you want to come down the rabbit hole, it's possible to side chain ReaEQ to duck specific frequencies from side-chain input.

In fact, it's possible to do... pretty much anything.
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