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Default Need Help Understanding A Routing Scenario

I need help understanding why this particular routing scenario is occurring.

I have an aggregate device set up that includes my Axe-FX being connected to my Mac via USB and a Focusrite Saffire Pro24 connected to my Mac via firewire.

When I create a track I select an Input: Stereo that is my Axe-FX's USB Left & Right.

My master output routing is Mon 1(Saffire) - Mon 2 (Saffire) - Stereo

When I connect SPDIF from my Axe to my Focusrite (So I can hear my Axe-FX without having to run Reaper) my master output routing automatically changes to Axe-FX Left & Right.

If I manually change the routing to Mon 1/Mon 2 I get a mono signal.

What the heck is happening?
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