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Default Hey! First post here with my first song!

Hello all! I'm extremely new to music making (zero experience) and DAWs.

About a month ago somebody inadvertently gave me motivation to create music. I was so incredibly awed at their skill. So I went "okay let's go" and purchased Reaper and a MIDI controller with literally no game plan of what I wanted to do, haha. Yes, that does sound dumb but I like to play with the hands I deal myself, if that makes sense.

I browsed many forums (especially here) and websites, just soaking in everything for 1 week straight and learned the bare basics of VSTs and using Reaper. After a week of that, I made a short track that I was pretty proud of:


I then thought to myself: let's just make a full song. I'm totally ready. To be honest, I did think I wasn't ready, but sometimes things just seem to click. That's how it was for me. Anyways, I created a "full length" song in 2 weeks, then I let it sit there as I had no idea how to master or clean it up until recently.

"Just EQ it" as they would say. Well anyways, here it is:


I'm open to any critique or suggestions!
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