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Default Some tracks not playing back

Hey all,
So I have been running Reaper for a month or two now, and I like everything except for one major problem. Fairly frequently, about 75% of my tracks will stop playing, only leaving a few left that actually still work when I click play on my song. I've witnessed this happening both when I pull up the project again after it's been closed down, and just randomly while I'm working on it as well. I've made sure that nothing is muted or soloed, that the plugins are still set, ect. Basically, I don't change a thing on the track, and it just seems to randomly happen. It appears to be playing because the piano roll is scrolling, but no sound comes out.

As far as the info on my computer and the version of Reaper I'm using goes, I'm using the 64 bit Reaper with a Yamaha PSR E353 MIDI keyboard. My computer is an Asus laptop that is less than a year old, has a quad processor, Intel CORE i7, and an NVIDIA Geforce GTX 965M grafics card. The plugins that I am using are VSTs, and most of them are 64 bit I believe.

I hope this description is adequate enough to get the idea of what my issue is. Reaper is the first DAW/sequencer I've used, so I don't know much of the exact terminology for everything. So in any response, extra detail or step by step walkthroughs involving ideas on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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