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Default v5.34pre7 - February 15 2017

v5.34pre7 - February 15 2017
  • + FX: fix bug where offline plugins could have their first/second parameter's automation converted to bypass/wet automation
  • # Automation item: copy automation items when copying media items and option enabled
  • # Automation item: fix text entry in some fields in automation item properties window
  • # Automation items: copy with media items when option enabled
  • # Automation items: don't create a new item if none is selected when running action to open automation item properties
  • # Automation items: fix pasting into beat-based track
  • # Media explorer: better large-font resize behavior
  • # Retina/HiDPI: adjust font sizes automatically for macOS retina themes
  • # Themes: use item_*_hidpi.png on Windows/HiDPI theme, updated HiDPI theme
  • # Undo: fix undo for nudge-related actions [p=1802667]
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