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Default v5.40rc1 - March 20 2017

v5.40rc1 - March 20 2017
  • -- for the 5.40 release we're holding back automation items and spectral editing
    -- these will return in 5.50pre1, sorry for any confusion
  • + API: Undo_EndBlock() includes any latent preset changes [t=179533]
  • + API: added Track/TakeFX_Get/SetNamedConfigParm
  • + ASIO: improve cleanup after initialization error
  • + Anticipative FX processing: improve behavior when stopping
  • + Anticipative FX: reduce memory use when using Smooth Seek
  • + Grid/snap window: obey auto-close window advanced preference
  • + Grid: Quantize Items window will use swing if quantizing to the current grid/snap size
  • + Grid: arrange swing/grid support, optionally synchronized with MIDI editor setting
  • + MIDI editor: allow absolute MIDI CC control of swing
  • + MIDI editor: create new take on "open item copy in built-in MIDI editor" action [t=188950]
  • + MIDI export: set MIDI clock properly [t=188300]
  • + MIDI: support ".midi" as an importable file extension, in addition to the usual ".mid"
  • + Media explorer: fix folder icon display error on macOS 10.10
  • + Notation editor: automatically scroll view when entering lyrics
  • + Notation editor: ignore muted notes in PDF and MusicXML export
  • + Peaks: better support editing .wav files which are being recorded in a separate tab
  • + Peaks: optional spectrogram display mode
  • + Project load: add recovery mode checkbox to optional choose-project-on-open dialog
  • + ReaVerb: support TrackFX_SetNamedConfigParm et al w/ ITEMx, DONE
  • + Reasamplomatic: support TrackFX_SetNamedConfigParm etc with FILE, FILExx, -FILExx, +FILExx, -FILE*, DONE
  • + Reasamplomatic: support TrackFX_SetNamedConfigParm with MODE, RSMODE
  • + Undo: improve undo behavior for various editing actions
  • + macOS: fix slider zero-line colors read from theme [t=188770]
  • # Grid settings: move grid appearance options from grid/snap window to prefs/appearance
  • # HiDPI: basic Windows 7 DPI detection option
  • # MIDI: fix "paint straight line of notes" mouse modifier when grid is set to greater than or equal to measure length [t=188264]
  • # Media explorer: better large-font resize behavior
  • # Retina/HiDPI: adjust font sizes automatically for macOS retina themes
  • # Spectrogram: display message on items when spectrogram is unavailable requiring peaks rebuild
  • # Swing: update MIDI editor swing more quickly when changing project swing and linked
  • # Themes: use item_*_hidpi.png on Windows/HiDPI theme, updated HiDPI theme
  • # Undo: fix undo for nudge-related actions [p=1802667]
    # Use common dialog font for various elements in envelope, send windows
  • # Windows: use HiDPI scaling for metronome pattern font
  • # Windows: use HiDPI scaling for pin connect dialog
  • # Windows: use HiDPI scaling for track routing window
  • # macOS: basic retina support for track panels, mixer, transport, etc, when using special theme
  • # macOS: improve handling of large fonts in themes
  • # macOS: retina fixes for VST/AU generic UI
  • # macOS: send, envelope windows retina support
  • # macOS: transport time display supports retina
  • # macos: retina transport drawing fixes
  • # peaks: added action for normal (non-spectral) peaks
  • # spectrogram: do not display rebuild peaks message when drawing folder/envlane peaks
  • # spectrogram: item fades make spectrogram less opaque
  • # spectrogram: per-item option to force spectrogram visible, action to toggle
  • # theme: allow themes to override global UI scaling using rtconfig.txt global_scale line
  • # theme: better knob large/small background selection logic
  • # toolbars: refined resize logic change from pre2 [p=1789915]
  • # Windows: use HiDPI scaling for track envelope window
  • # macOS: retina fixes for group indicators, folder indicators, track icons
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